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Total Engagement Media - Hermosa Beach, CA

Content IS king, but not if you don’t know HOW to use it.

Total Engagement Media is a full-service social media consultancy based in the South Bay of Los Angeles. We help small and medium-sized businesses TOTALLY ENGAGE with their loyal customers and potential new clients in the South Bay and beyond.

Total Engagement Media knows that in the age of social media, it isn’t just enough to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account to go along with a website. We know how to utilize these and other social media outlets (Pinterest, 4Square, Instagram, Yelp, etc.) to reach out and engage with your current customers, which keeps them informed of current company news and lets them give great feedback. But, we can also help to grow your business by reaching out and engaging with new customers.

Total Engagement Media can also help you better position your website’s PAGE RANKINGS through advanced SEO options. Through keyword and organic blogging, we can make your social media presence the talk of your fans, customers and even your competition!

Total Engagement Media limits itself to a small list of clients in the South Bay (Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach) and the surrounding cities in order to provide our clients with the best possible social media strategy and content to position their brands/products to keep everyone talking about their businesses!

Contact us today for prices, quotes and how we can help your business engageĀ with your clients today!


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